Four Reasons to Choose Archery as a Hobby

Are you looking for a great hobby you will enjoy at whatever stage you are in your life? If you are also thinking of something that will help you keep fit and healthy in the process, then archery is the right sport for you. Archery is fun and is one of the few sports in which age is not a factor. Old or young, you will have fun shooting targets out there. The other reason that makes this sport a great hobby is that you can indulge whenever you feel like it, as it is a year-round sport.

While archery might not be the first thing you think of when searching for the right hobby for you, it is certainly worth exploring. Here are four reasons you should choose archery as one of your hobbies.

Good For Your Brain

Life comes with its own pressures, which can sometimes affect your mental health. There is also the ageing factor which naturally takes a toll on the human mind. Archery is one of the activities that can help take care of your brain’s sharpness and health.

Enhances Upper Body Strength

Playing archery involves drawing and firing arrows. In the process of doing all this, your muscles in the upper body will develop and become stronger, but this depends on how frequently you practise.


If you are ready to have some great fun, you can never go wrong with archery. You will also find other fun-loving people like yourself, making everything even more enjoyable. Your leisure time will never be the same again with archery.


You don’t need expensive equipment to start archery, making it a useful hobby for all ages. Depending on your budget, you can buy used or new equipment online or in a sports store near you.